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Welcome to the San Diego Water Recycling web site. We offer services that include Sustainable Landscape and Permaculture Design, Garden Coaching, Worm (Vermiculture) Composting, Bee Relocation/Rescue and the products and knowledge to successfully implement your edible landscaping and low water use design strategy.

Trapping and storing large volumes of Gray Water/Rain Water is a practical necessity. The popularity of this source of water is growing. At a time when many municipal water districts are experiencing water shortages and consumers are being hit with higher water and sewage bills, the benefits of reusable water supplies are more attractive than they have been in decades.

Gray Water - Ever stop to wonder how much water goes down the drain?  For the average U.S. household, the answer is quite staggering: hundreds of gallons a day [source: Environmental Protection Agency].  More than half of that can potentially be reused for irrigation in the place of fresh tap water. Why waste all that drinkable water on your yard when gray water will do instead?  That's the idea behind gray water reclamation - getting the most out of your water through reuse.  *Note: Gray Water laws differ by city, county and State. 

Rain Water - One inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square foot roof will yield 600 gallons of water [source: Healthy Landscapes]. That's a staggering amount of water!  Collecting rainwater has been a common practice for more than 4,000 years, and its origins probably go back much farther than that. Our Rain barrels are perfectly suited to trap and store rainwater. Use our plastic drums to catch rainwater swirling along roof gutters and out of downspouts. Once a common feature in yards and farms across the United States, rain barrels are experiencing a renaissance!

San Diego Water Recycling has workshops through Sage Ladies on composting, worm composting, urban chickens, rainwater harvesting, hyper-tufa planters, indoor succulent designs, and other topics of interest. The Sage Ladies (Britt and Julie) and their Associates have experience as Master Gardeners, Master Composters, Edible Landscape Designers, Chicken Coop Designers, and other applications associated with creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Workshops are conducted in the San Diego area, including Escondido, Chula Vista, Vista, and throughout the County.

Look through our site to find the right products for setting up your system and applications. Prices do not include delivery and/or applicable taxes. Contact us to discuss quantities, Pricing, and Pickup/Delivery. Discount pricing available for multiple quantity onsite purchases.

Visit our Worm Composting Page to find out about Vermiculture Workshops! We have worms and worm bins available for you!